Loan servicing & forgiveness

A comprehensive loan servicing and forgiveness platform allows business owners the ability to stay up to date with their current loan balances and pending applications.

PPP Loan Servicing

Our PPP servicing solution is direct and informative, making the complex forgiveness process easy.

The Platform
Cutting edge service platform that consolidates and simplifies the complex needs of PPP loans.

Smart Portal
You enter the portal with all your specific loan information pre-populated, to ease your burden.

We send automatic notifications to you as you progress through servicing and forgiveness.

Real Support
Robust forgiveness process supported by highly trained experts. Our experts are available via phone from 8am-5pm or email/chat from 7am-7pm CT, M-F as well as 8am-5pm CT on Saturday.

Traditional Loan Servicing

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Beyond PPP
We originate loans for business owners, beyond PPP.

Accelerate your income
We assist our business owners by offering a host of funding resources on traditional loans. Each of these loans is then serviced through our intuitive Café portal.

Superior loan servicing resources
The Loan Source works to ensure a seamless loan servicing experience for you. In addition to experts on staff, we’ve invested heavily in our technology to support your needs.

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