A few important updates will include:

Consolidated Information

A new borrower portal that will give you the ability to update all business profile information quickly and easily and to see account information and loan balance all in one consolidated location

Add User

You will have the ability to add users to the portal allowing more than one individual per company to access the portal

Payroll Reports

We are working on the integration of payroll reports from major payroll providers which should make the payroll portion of the forgiveness application more efficient and easier to complete

Utility Providers Integration

We are working on the integration of utility reports from major utility providers

New & Improved Chat Support

We will include a new chat bot integration to help answer any questions you might have

PPP Origination Integration

We are integrating our PPP origination platform to make funding a 2nd PPP loan to you, assuming that gets approved by Congress, easy and efficient

No risks + great rewards for you.

Congress continues to work through important decisions which will impact the forgiveness process requirements. By pausing our process it allows us to make useful upgrades to the platform, while allowing time for us and you to fully understand any changes that are made to the program.

We expect the portal to be back online in approximately 1.5 – 2 weeks time. You will receive an email announcing when you are able to access the portal next.

Meanwhile, we thank you for your important and helpful feedback!